Yoga Weekends

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Yoga in a lost paradise, Ephesus lodge hotel in Kirazli

Discover the power of yoga, enjoy guided walks and cycling in pristine forests and mountain paths through olive groves, vineyards and endless fruit orchards in this hidden heaven near Kusadasi.

The Power of Yoga

Come and experience how to fall in love with yoga and start your sustained yoga practice, which you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Without exaggeration, nothing in life can benefit us more than a regular practice of yoga. At a practical level, anything we do we will do so much better if we practice yoga regularly – breathing, sitting, standing, walking, talking, speaking, singing, listening, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, running, cycling, swimming, working, gardening, thinking, managing, loving, love making, healing. Yoga vivifies the senses and profoundly changes our view of our physical and spiritual being and the appreciation of all life. It equips us to live longer, feel and stay younger, to preserve beauty, remain healthy, and feel more fulfilled. Iyengar re-defined the real meaning of yoga –a deliverance from contact with pain and sorrow - and it has delivered this promise thought the ages.

The 6S program

Parallel to yoga there is a 6S program that you can participate in at any time during your stay.  Physically you build Suppleness, Strength and Stamina through yoga practice as well as running and mountain biking. Mentally you practice Stillness, Solitude and Silence through the meditation sessions in the evenings. At any level of fitness you can benefit from this 6S program.

Eating and Diet

If you are interested in combining your holiday with a change of eating habit or to detox we can provide organic and vegan food or offer you a detox plan. Our ‘science of eating’ education, to eat what and when, will help you make an informed decision on a plan that is suitable for your body type and help you to maintain your desired weight for life.
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