Ephesus  (15 km / 6 miles): The most famous ancient city in Turkey, The capital city of Asia Minor.

House of Virgin Mary (20 km): Known as the last place where Virgin Mary lived her last years and passed away.

St John s Basilica: Where St John the apostle was buried. On top of his grave, one of the biggest basilicas of the world was built in 6th century AD.

The Temple of Artemis: The ruins of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The Train Museum ( 8 km / 5 miles): It is one of the best collections in the world. 42 steamers from 7 different countries are displayed here.

The Museum of Ephesus: The archaeological finds of Ephesus are being exhibited in that amazing museum.

Selcuk (15 km/ 6 miles) : The modern Turkish town in which Ephesus, House of Virgin Mary, St John`s basilica, Temple of Artemis, the Ephesus Archaeological Museum and Sirince village are located.

Kusadasi: The resort town located on the Aegean shore which is the most popular cruise liner`s port of Turkey. The town has nice beaches, restaurants and shops.

Sirince Village: 9 km from Selcuk, a pretty village with its unique history and fruit wine.

Priene - Miletos - Didyma: For history lovers, these are three ancient cities of Ionia which you can visit on a day trip.
Priene is an ancient city where Alexander the Great spent a winter. It has got the best preserved Hellenistic ruins of the area.
Miletos is the birth place of science where Hippodamos, the grid plan that we are using today in our cities was invented.
Didyma has one of the most impressive temples of Turkey dating back to 6th century.

Pamukkale (178 km / 110 miles) : It is an amazing natural phenomenon, a huge white mountainmade of Calcium. It is famous for its thermal waters and ancient city of Hierapolis.