Ephesus Lodge, Kirazli Kusadasi - The Ultimate eco lodge Experience in Ephesus

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Ephesus Lodge Rooms
Ephesus lodge Restaurant
Ephesus Lodge Room Mesk
Ephesus Lodge The Farm
Ephesus Lodge
Ephesus lodge Restaurant
Ephesus Lodge The Farm
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Ephesus Lodge sunset
Ephesus Lodge Pool

In the heart of the beautiful Aegean, reveal your senses with the sound of the birds, the rich flavor of fresh organic fruits or the heat of the fire under the blinking stars; either at The Farm or The Hillside..
Ephesus Lodge Hotel

Enjoy the best Turkish hospitality, enjoy the delicious local food and get lost in the beauty of the nature with a cup of Turkish coffee.
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Ephesus Lodge Ephesus Lodge

A relaxing retreat near the World-famous ancient site of Ephesus !

Ephesus Lodge - The Farm The Farm

When constructing the rooms and decorating them, we tried our best to keep the materials natural. The Cedar tree wooden floors had been a perfect base for our beautiful local Turkish rugs.

Ephesus Lodge Fine Dining Fine Dining

Enjoy Ephesus Lodge’s fine dining at our new restaurant THE CAVE in a splendid environment of the antique-style custom wood chairs and tables, from the selective menu of our chef...

Ephesus Lodge Kirazli Village

Hidden from the crowds behind olive groves, cherry blossoms and vineyards; Kirazli Village is one of the few non-touristy places left that offers accommodation around Ephesus.

We grow our own vegetables! Natural Food

We grow our own vegetables! Feel this unique experience, taste it, you will love it .